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Maven – files included by FileSet

Btw, in case you was wondering (like I did one day) how one gets (in a Maven plugin) all files included by a FileSet, here’s the answer:

import org.apache.maven.shared.model.fileset.FileSet;
import org.apache.maven.shared.model.fileset.util.FileSetManager;
import java.util.Arrays;


FileSet fs = new FileSet();
fs.setDirectory( ".." );
fs.setIncludes( Arrays.asList( "..", ".." ));
fs.setExcludes( Arrays.asList( "..", ".." ));
String[] files = new FileSetManager().getIncludedFiles( fs );

Dependency – org.apache.maven.shared:file-management (javadoc, repo1, examples):

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  1. February 18, 2013 at 23:33

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