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Creating a ${folder} on disk

Never thought I’ll ever do that .. is it a sign of what ? Becoming more pragmatic or more lazy ?..

Some script running on the old system (that is about to be nuked very soon) was failing due to ${apache-tomcat} folder missing. Yeah, I’ve introduced a Maven property to store the Tomcat version and it wasn’t filtered there.

When I’ve started to figure out a proper way to add the <filtering> code a sudden idea just stroke me – what if I just create this ${apache-tomcat} folder ?

You need “ant/${apache-ant}/lib/ant.jar” ? You get it!

If Ant can create those folders (which it frequently does when some property goes undefined – I’ve just wrote recently how much I’m allergic to things going wrong silently) – why can’t I do the same if this system is going caput very soon anyway?

So I did and it worked. Oh, well ..

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